Ohio to Scrap Remaining COVID Restrictions on June 2

"Ohio State Line" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by jimmywayne

Many Americans are growing fatigued by coronavirus restrictions. As time goes on, the fearmongering is becoming less and less effective; this is especially the reality as America witnesses open states like Texas and Florida thrive while lockdown states worsen. 

“Smiles Not Masks, Anti Lockdown Proteste” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Tim Dennell

With the presence of three separate coronavirus vaccines and an abundance of knowledge about COVID-19, the justification for ongoing restrictions keeps weakening. Americans have also seen that contrary to fear-based narratives from certain health officials and Democrats, lifting restrictions does not mean massive doom and death. 

On Wednesday, Ohio made a major announcement regarding the approaching end of coronavirus restrictions in the state, according to Breitbart News

The End of Coronavirus Restrictions in Ohio

Yesterday, Ohio GOP Governor Mike DeWine announced the upcoming end to statewide coronavirus restrictions at a press conference. Amid the coronavirus vaccine’s availability and decreases in COVID-19 infections, DeWine explained that the time to put an end to restrictions has arrived. 

Governor DeWine subsequently informed that starting on June 2, 2021, the “health orders” will end. The Ohio governor then noted that one year has passed since the inception of the aforementioned COVID-19 mandates; moreover, DeWine made a point of praising Ohio residents for abiding by “protocols” and combating coronavirus. 

Later during yesterday’s press conference, the Ohio governor charted out a course for the state’s future. Ultimately, schools and other establishments in Ohio will have the power to determine which — if any — requirements they wish to implement for face coverings and social distancing. 

Finally, Governor DeWine made clear that any Ohioans who wish to get vaccinated and have yet to do so will have ample opportunity in the months ahead. 

Getting America Back to Normal

The forthwith end to Ohio’s statewide coronavirus restrictions is another step forward to getting the nation back to normal. Despite the opportunity for control that lockdowns and mass panic gave the Democrats, these measures must end. 

Labor shortages, poor job reports, and staggering unemployment rates are each the result of ongoing restrictions. By ending the constraints and getting government out of the way, America has a decent chance of making progress. 

Over the past year, Governor DeWine has taken heat from conservatives for his management of COVID-19. Despite his status as a Republican governor, many conservatives believe that DeWine’s leadership relied too heavily upon government mandates. 

Notwithstanding the backlash the Ohio governor faced from Republicans in 2020, many conservatives responded positively to news that the state’s restrictions will end soon. 

What do you think about Ohio announcing the end to statewide coronavirus restrictions? Do you believe this marks a critical milestone in getting the United States back to normal? Let us in on your thoughts down below in the comments section.