Ohio Hit With New Environmental Disaster Following Train Derailment

Earlier this year, Americans were devastated upon learning about the now-infamous train derailment that took place in East Palestine, Ohio. This derailment led to not only a disaster for the train, but also the spread of some very dangerous chemicals.

Many people got physically sick in the aftermath of the derailment. This includes residents of East Palestine and the workers who were sent in to clean up the mess. Water, animals, and wildlife were also negatively affected.

Unfortunately, a stunning development from TMZ reveals that East Palestine is now facing yet another very similar tragedy.

Another Noxious Spill

Columbiana County, Ohio is where an en-route truck ended up in an accident in which it completely turned over, thereby spilling the contents within. Unfortunately for residents of the community, the contents of the truck contained hazardous soil.

Similarly to the incident involving the train derailment, federal authorities like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allege that waterways are fine. In reality, that remains to be seen.

After the train derailment earlier this year, government officials also claimed that things were fine; yet, folks still got sick and had to evacuate.

Right now, there are efforts underway to clean up the spilled, noxious dirt and contain the situation. The public also has yet to get a clear explanation concerning how this truck accident happened.

Americans React

People have understandably taken to social media to share their concerns and make their voices heard. Much of the country is interested in a comprehensive answer regarding what led to this truck accident.

Others have said it’s just too much of a coincidence for East Palestine to have back-to-back incidents like this in such a short time period. In the wake of this latest disaster, some theories speculate that what happened wasn’t really accidental.

There’s ultimately a school of thought that says catastrophes of this nature are being intentionally engineered for reasons not yet known.