Oh, You Suck: WaPo Eats It Over Their Nathan Phillips Vietnam War Veteran Story

The mainstream media continues to make one blunder after the other when it comes to accurately putting forth news stories; their latest gaffe comes in the form of their story about Nathan Phillips, a Native American man who clashed with Covington Catholic High School students during a recent March For Life event, according to Townhall.

The True Story of Nathan Phillips

Per the media’s reports, Nathan Phillips is a heroic Vietnam war veteran who was unfairly mocked and targeted by Catholic high school students during this weekend’s past March For Life rally. At least, this is the narrative which Phillips fed to the press and, of course, they ran with it. However, it didn’t take long for additional video footage to surface and subsequently disprove the foregoing narrative.
Despite this, the media still isn’t giving up. In their attempt to make the MAGA-supporting Catholic students into villains and Phillips into the hero, the press is now attempting to shine a spotlight on his service to the country. A closer look into Phillips’ alleged Vietnam service shows that there are some inconsistencies with this part of the narrative as well.
It turns on that while Phillips did serve the country, he did not do so in Vietnam. Instead, he worked a private stateside position in the Marine Corps. Moreover, Phillips’ departure from his service did not occur on honorable terms.
Yvonne Carlock, a Marine spokesperson, issued the following statement about Phillips’ service:

“In reality, Phillips served from June 1972 to May 1976 in the Marine Corps Reserve. He did not deploy and he left the service as a private after disciplinary issues. From October 1972 to Feburary 1973, he was classified as an antitank missleman, a kind on infantryman.”

That’s a far cry from the brave Vietnam war hero narrative which the media has been attempting to promote since the events of this past weekend.
What are your thoughts on the true details regarding Nathan Phillips and his time as an infantryman? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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