Oh, So This Is Why Ilhan Omar Fears Her Jewish Colleagues

Like other rising members of the Democrat Party, Rep. Ilhan Omar has come under fire for anti-Semitism. However, new developments have provided insight into the reason behind Omar’s aversion to Jewish people, as documented by Townhall.

A Closer Look at Omar’s Anti-Semitism

Rep. Omar’s historical ties to anti-Semitism are very well-documented. She has spoken out against Israel on multiple occasions and even suggested that various U.S. politicians are bought off by Jewish organizations. Of course, Omar has been forced to walk back her commentary and issue apologies, but it doesn’t take away from what she truly believes.

When called out on her anti-Semitism, Omar and the colleagues who share her views deflect and project; they elect to play the victim and claim that they’re only facing attacks simply because they are Muslim. This is a typical ploy out of the Democrats’ playbook: deflect, project, and accuse your opponents of doing exactly what you are guilty of.

The Deeper Issue

Rep. Ilhan Omar is merely the symptom of the disease which exists amongst the Democrats. They claim to be champions of minorities; they claim that racism and other ‘isms’ and ‘obias’ are rampant amongst Republicans, yet every time you turn around, Democrats are the ones with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar.
If the new Democrats which Americans are seeing are representative of the party, then Democrats have some major issues on their hands. The left cannot continue to claim to be the champions of minorities when they have anti-Semites like Omar amongst their ranks and occupying Congressional seats.
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