NYC Mayor Has a Change of Heart on Sanctuary Cities

The Biden administration’s refusal to secure the southern border has inadvertently created circumstances where left-wing sanctuary cities are being put to the test.

This is transpiring as states like Texas dispatch migrants who enter the US from the border to places like New York City and Chicago.

Sanctuary cities have repeatedly gone on record claiming there are no problems with illegal immigration and everyone should be let in. However, their welcoming tune somewhat changed as more and more migrants arrived.

Now, Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams is going so far as requesting a judge to rethink his community’s status as a sanctuary city, reports The Blaze.

A Major Change For Adams

The New York City mayor appeared before a judge earlier this month, saying a second look at his community’s sanctuary city law is needed, due to the ongoing “humanitarian crisis.”

Adams also asserted that the logistics of said crisis were not taken into account when New York City was determined to be a sanctuary city.

However, it wasn’t too long ago that Adams himself was on record opposing the deportations of illegal immigrants with criminal records. The New York Democrat has also been previously supportive of sanctuary cities.

Though now that the actual consequences of this policy are hitting close to home, Adams wants to flip the script.

The Root of the Problem

If the mayors of sanctuary cities are truly in over their heads amid rising numbers of migrants in their communities, they should join their fellow Americans in pressing the Biden administration to get serious about border security.

The problems that Adams described facing are just part of a domino effect from policies that encourage and enable unlawful border crossings. The sooner this changes, the sooner things will get better for all communities across the United States.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.