NRA Solidifies Leadership Posts Despite Backlash From Gun Control Advocates

The National Rifle Association (NRA) continues to stand as a prominent gun rights organization. The NRA has millions of members and much support across the United States; however, it also has critics as well.

In the wake of the horrific elementary school shooting in Uvalde one week ago (and the Buffalo grocery store shooting before that), the NRA has come under fire from gun control supporters.

Despite the gun rights organization having zero ties to mass shootings, gun control supporters still have it in for the NRA. They even protested outside of the NRA convention in Houston over Memorial Day weekend.

Yet, despite the misguided rage, the NRA is still pressing forward, according to The Hill.

A Position of Strength By the NRA

National Rifle Association members have re-elected both President Charles Cotton and Vice President/CEO Wayne LaPierre. When the group’s 2022 convention ended on Sunday, the NRA announced the continued work of both Cotton and LaPierre. 

In a statement, Cotton also confirmed the NRA’s continued dedication to upholding Second Amendment rights.

During this past weekend’s convention, LaPierre and other NRA speakers condemned the nation’s recent mass shootings; they also called for measures like mental health support and more protection in schools as means to avert future shootings. 

Like many Americans across the country, the NRA holds firm in the view that ripping away gun ownership rights for people who are law-abiding will not stop criminals from carrying out vicious crimes.

However, in the case of schools, treating these environments with the same levels of safeguarding that banks, credit unions, and airports enjoy can make a serious difference.

Continued Attacks From the Left

The NRA has a track record of being able to hold its ground, despite work from Democrats to dismantle the organization altogether.

Attorney General Letitia James of New York previously went after the NRA, accusing the organization of power abuse and financial mismanagement, in an effort to shut it down entirely.

However, this has not stopped the NRA from maintaining a $300 million budget, along with millions of members.

The NRA is not backing down from defending Second Amendment rights, even when partisan attacks reach new heights.

Likewise, the organization pushes back against the notion that backing the right to bear arms is somehow tantamount to not caring about mass shootings.

As previously stated, this is something NRA speakers addressed at length while holding the 2022 convention in Houston this past Memorial Day weekend.

What do you think about the steps forward the NRA is taking, amid heightened attacks from Democrats and supporters of gun control in general? Do you think the NRA will continue to grow and thrive?

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