November 2021 Jobs Report Disappoints


In America, the state of the economy makes a huge difference. Whether or not people are able to go to work, feed their families, keep their businesses running, etc., all has a truly authentic impact.

Sadly, these things are not happening the way they should be in Biden’s America. The 46th president has chosen to enact policies that are placing the nation in an increasingly uncertain position.

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This is apparent as people across the country look around and see inflation everywhere. It’s also critically obvious in the latest jobs report, as revealed by Fox Business.

Another Awful Break for the Country

In October 2021, the United States experienced a 546,000 increase in jobs. Therefore, economists predicted that last month’s jobs report would shake out to 555,000. This was sadly not the case, however.

On Friday morning, the nation was alerted that only 210,000 new jobs were added to the economy. This isn’t even half of what economists expected; it also shows just how far the country has to go before we’re completely out of the woods.

Another interesting circumstance happened on Friday. President Biden spoke about the economy; yet, he conveniently didn’t get around to mentioning the need for improvement in the jobs department.

Biden even had the audacity to declare the country is heading “back to work.” Nonetheless, if this were truly the situation, the November 2021 jobs report would have shown at least the projected 555,000 jobs, not 210,000.

The United States has quite a lot of work to do before we are back on the right course. This is especially true in regards to the nation’s economy. Biden isn’t doing anyone any favors by lying to Americans and omitting details that cast him in an unseemly light.

Left-wing Media Can’t Hide Facts Any Longer

There is no denying last month’s jobs report is a tragedy. Despite what the Biden administration may want the country to believe, pointing out this reality isn’t just a right-wing talking point.

On Friday, even leftist news networks like CNN had no choice but to admit just how terrible the Labor Department’s report was for the previous month. It also didn’t go missed that Biden’s trying to gloss over these facts and divert away attention from problems.

This is an utterly wrong approach. Instead of Biden running away from problems (especially the ones he created), the United States needs a leader who will face problems and then tackle them head-on.

With every passing day and every bit of bad news from the Biden administration, the 46th president continues proving he’s not up for the job.

What are your thoughts about the Labor Department’s report concerning the number of new jobs from November 2021? We want to read all about your views in the comments area.