Newsom Obsesses Over DeSantis, Claims He Needs ‘Humility’

Governor Gavin Newsom of California appears to be incessantly fixated on his perceived adversary, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whose tenure has outshined Newsom’s in nearly every conceivable aspect.

DeSantis led the nation in swiftly reinstating in-person education amid the COVID pandemic; whereas countless children in California languished at home for a staggering 18 months.

California vs. Florida: A Tale of Two States

Evidently, Californians are making their voices heard by relocating en masse, forsaking the once-glorious Golden State.

In stark contrast, Florida experiences a population boom. While California grapples with rampant homelessness and crime, the Sunshine State enjoys a decline in criminal activity.

Despite these disparities, the green-eyed “Governor Hair Gel,” as he’s colloquially referred to in certain circles, persists in launching unsolicited verbal assaults against DeSantis.

Most recently, on a Sunday broadcast, he joined forces with ex-Biden press secretary Jen Psaki for an MSNBC appearance.

As Psaki broached the subject of DeSantis, Newsom interjected without hesitation, declaring, “Not a fan.”

Addressing DeSantis’ disapproval of the justice system’s exploitation following Trump’s debatable indictment, Newsom shared his perspective, “He appeared feeble, a facade of strength concealing inherent frailty.”

Newsom Advises DeSantis to Wait on Presidential Bid

Governor Newsom proceeded to forecast that should DeSantis pursue a presidential bid in 2024, he’ll face a resounding defeat at the hands of GOP primary front-runner, Donald Trump.

“He’ll be utterly steamrolled by Trump. Trump will simply bulldoze him—decisively trounced. Frankly, if I were in a position to dispense political counsel, I’d advise him to hold off and bide his time for a few years.”

“Then, he could engage in the arduous labor that comes with governance, rather than merely partaking in identity and cultural skirmishes.”

He enumerated areas where DeSantis could potentially improve, such as addressing the exorbitant cost of housing.

This is a rather ironic suggestion, considering California ranks third in the nation for highest home prices, as reported by one study. In contrast, Florida doesn’t even breach the top 10.

Subsequently, Newsom delivers a truly audacious remark: “Return as a more experienced and adept leader, exhibiting a touch of humility. Which, incidentally, he could certainly benefit from.”

Ironically, Newsom himself earned a reputation as one of the most conceited and haughty political figures in recent history.

He persistently condescends to others, boasting of his own greatness while steering the once-prosperous Golden State toward ruin. For him to pontificate on humility is as ludicrous as if Stormy Daniels were to sermonize about the virtues of modesty.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.