New York Sued by Healthcare Workers Over COVID Vaccine Mandate

Coronavirus vaccine mandates are not going over the way Biden, Democrats, and health officials backing these mandates anticipated. Nationwide, there is a movement happening to stand up against medical tyranny and say NO.

Health officials like Fauci believe that mandates are the key. They think that bullying unvaccinated Americans into getting the vaccine is the answer to getting more shots in arms. Thankfully, a growing number of people across the country are providing these medical tyrants wrong.

In New York, healthcare workers are presently suing the state over a COVID vaccine mandate being issued as an employment condition, per Newsmax.

A Closer Look at New York Healthcare Workers’ Lawsuit

Thomas More Society, an organization centered around religious liberty, is bringing a lawsuit against the state of New York. This lawsuit comes as a form of help for 17 healthcare workers opposed to the Empire State’s COVID vaccine mandate.

In the lawsuit, these healthcare workers maintain that New York is in violation of religious belief protections existing in the Civil Rights Act of 1964’s Title VII. Furthermore, an attorney for Thomas More Society issued a very clear statement.

Per legal counsel, New York state is pushing an “unconstitutional” vaccine mandate and attempting to force this vaccine on people, despite the mandate’s breach of anti-discrimination laws. Furthermore, Thomas More Society notes that it is illegal for this COVID vaccine mandate to lack any sort of religious exemptions.

Prior to disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo leaving office, he passed a COVID vaccine mandate for the state’s healthcare workers. If this lawsuit from the 17 healthcare workers succeeds, however, New York will have to implement a religious exemption to the mandate, at the very least.

Time to Take a Stand

The time to take a stand is now. If Americans are denied the ability to choose their own medical procedures, there is no telling what comes next. The reality is that COVID vaccine mandates are about power and attempting to strong-arm folks into getting a medical procedure.

Thomas More Society is far from the only body bringing lawsuits against the government for implementing sweeping COVID vaccine mandates. The COVID vaccine is more than available to any person who wants it; however, if some people choose not to get the shot, that’s their choice.

In America, we cannot allow the government at any level to bully, coerce, or railroad people into getting medical procedures. Americans must continue to push back against this tyranny and tell fascists like Fauci NO.

What do you think about this lawsuit that New York healthcare workers are bringing against the state over its COVID vaccine mandate? Do you believe this lawsuit will garner the desired results? Sound off below in the comments section.