New York Likely to Soon Reopen Economy

"New York National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Lockdowns continue to come under scrutiny for their documented harm. Mental health, education, and employment have taken severe declines due to shutdowns; meanwhile, domestic violence, addiction, divorce, and other sorts of negatives are skyrocketing like never before.
Shutdown proponents often argue that closing everything down and confining people to their homes are appropriate mitigation methods against coronavirus. Individuals with this mindset, however, do not appear to have a cutoff point in which they believe lockdowns will transfer from helpful to harmful.

“President Trump Departs for New York” (Public Domain) by The White House

In an interesting turn of events, though, New York’s economy appears poised to reopen sooner than some Americans may have expected. This news arrives after a fascinating, yet very telling, Twitter post from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, per Breitbart News.

Getting New York’s Economy Back on Track

For many months now, New York’s residents and economy have suffered greatly from shutdowns. Governor Cuomo, a Democrat, has argued in favor of lockdowns, publicly professing them as imperative to getting COVID-19 under control.
On Monday, though, the Democrat governor did an interesting about-face. Cuomo tweeted out yesterday morning that the cost of New York remaining shuttered until a COVID-19 vaccine reaches “critical mass” is simply “too high.”

The New York governor then stated that continued lockdowns will leave New York with “nothing left” to reopen; he then called for a “smart” and “safe” reopening of the economy.

The Factor of Timing

Leftists and others who love shutdowns criticized Cuomo for pointing out that continued closures will destroy everything in their path and leave nothing to go back to. This comes as little surprise to most people.
However, conservatives pointed out that the New York governor merely repeated what Republicans have said for almost a year. Others took notice of the reality that Cuomo’s messaging on a safe economic reopening only arrived as the Trump presidency nears its end.

This all goes back to the notion that Democrats have intentionally kept up shutdowns as a means of hurting President Trump. With Biden set to take office in eight days, some Americans believe that Democrats who’ve backed and justified lockdowns will gradually come around to reopening the economy.
What do you think about the New York governor’s change of heart regarding indefinite lockdowns? Do you believe this change is linked to President Trump’s impending departure from the White House? Let us know in the comments section below!