New York City Now Overrun With Crime

New York City continues to deal with extensive lawlessness issues under Democratic leadership.

When former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was in office, his administration didn’t stop the crime rates facing the community. Current NYC Mayor Eric Adams ran on a vow to stop crime and hold perpetrators accountable; however, Adams has yet to live up to this.

Many New Yorkers, on the other hand, are having to live with the consequences of a city that’s just not very safe anymore. Criminals feel more emboldened than ever and don’t truly fear being held accountable.

This is made known by viral footage of shoplifting that’s making the rounds online, as documented by Newsmax.

A Closer Look at Shoplifting in New York City

Even in upscale communities, stores like Lululemon, RiteAid, and others are subjected to customers entering with bags or carts, filling them up with merchandise, and then casually walking out.

In many cases, some thieves are leaving stores with hundreds to even tens of thousands or millions of dollars in merchandise. These massive shoplifting episodes often happen right under the noses of security guards.

As a result of bail reform regulations in New York City, criminals who do get arrested for their antics are often released right back into the general public, thus allowing them to re-offend.

In a nutshell, these people are aware the laws in New York City aren’t going to truly stop them from shoplifting or hold them accountable for their crimes.

This makes it no wonder that so many stores in New York City have previously shut their doors and relocated to other communities.

When people are able to regularly walk into stores, steal, then leave at will, it defeats the entire purpose of having a store in the first place.

A Missing-in-Action Mayor

When Eric Adams ran to be mayor of New York City, he insisted that his prior career as a police officer gave him the necessary tools to prevent crime in the community.

This is said to have played a huge role in New Yorkers ultimately electing him. However, in the case of these mass shoplifting sprees and other criminal offenses, Adams is nowhere to be found.

Instead, he’s been making media headlines for trading blows with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott concerning illegal immigration.

If Adams were to direct even a fraction of this focus towards driving down the rates of crime as he promised to do on the campaign trail, New York City would likely be much safer.

What do you think of the massive shoplifting episodes in New York City that are going viral? In the comments area, let us know what you believe it will take to get ahold of major crime problems in New York City.