New York City Mayor Under Fire for Poor Prison Safety Conditions


New York City has a lot of issues. It’s been under the thumb of leftist control for years. As the impacts of leftist leadership continue to compound, the disastrous results are manifesting in multiple ways.

Many people who can afford to get out of New York are leaving. At one point, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was begging recently departed New Yorkers to return to the state. However, the former Democrat governor was not willing to amend the policies which drove so many New Yorkers away, to begin with.

According to Fox News, NYC Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking heat for the terrible atmosphere which officers at Riker’s Island are forced to work in, day after day.

The Problems at Riker’s Island

To say that Riker’s Island has issues is a major understatement. Corrections officers with the job of looking after jailed persons are in downright dangerous conditions. According to a leading corrections officers union official, staffers are working longer than 24 hours shifts and going without food or breaks.

Another issue deals with the means by which inmates in Riker’s Island are handled. Many corrections officers frequently face physical attacks from these inmates; this is largely due to the reality that members from the same gangs are put in direct proximity with one another. It’s also disturbing that when inmates do physically attack corrections officers, they aren’t really held accountable.

Videos document the dangerous conditions and physical attacks that corrections officers are forced to deal with. Many of these workers are stabbed, punched, kicked, and subject to having items thrown at them. Multiple attacks from inmates have also resulted in officers having to get broken noses healed, stitches in their faces, and more.

Due to an understaffing issue at Riker’s, many of the inmates are furthermore picking up the phones and even trashing the physical premises. Corrections officers believe the New York City Democrat mayor is “criminally negligent” in light of these details.

Soft on Crime

The situation at Riker’s Island is ultimately the end result of Democrats who are soft on crime. Unfortunately, Mayor de Blasio is more interested in blocking unvaccinated people from entering public spaces than he is in handling situations happening at Riker’s.

The NYC mayor won’t talk about it either; however, crime in New York City itself (outside of Riker’s) is a very real problem as well. Like other Democrats, though, de Blasio has more negative energy for Republicans and unvaccinated people than he does for hardened criminals wreaking havoc at every turn.

New York City could easily put an end to this by not electing Democrats to run their city.

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