New Study Reveals Illegal Immigration Costs Taxpayers at Least $151 Billion Annually

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) recently published a study that reveals the disastrous economic impact of illegal immigration on American taxpayers.

The staggering cost of illegal immigration is estimated to be at least $151 billion annually, encompassing expenses related to education, welfare, medical care, and law enforcement at both the federal and state levels.

This is a significant burden on American taxpayers and highlights the urgent need for stronger border security measures.

All Fingers Point To Biden

The Biden administration’s reckless border policies have left border communities in dire straits, with the federal government turning a blind eye to their plight.

The Biden administration has been caught red-handed by FAIR for restricting access to crucial data that reveals the extent of their incompetence.

The negative economic impact of illegal immigration is staggering. It’s time to face the facts. Nonetheless, a distinguished analyst at the Cato Institute contends that FAIR is disseminating a flawed assessment.

The latest report revealed the offspring of illegal immigrants, who are American citizens by birth, are being counted as a financial burden.

Shockingly, the report fails to take into account the tax contributions made by these very same American citizens. This is yet another example of how the agenda is hurting hard-working Americans.

Sanctuary Cities

The disastrous consequences of sanctuary cities, like New York, are becoming increasingly apparent. The liberal policies of New York City Mayor Eric Adams have led to a breaking point in the city.

The influx of migrants arriving in the city has put a strain on resources and services. Mayor Adams must take responsibility for his failed policies and address this crisis immediately.

The liberal stronghold of New York City has once again shown its disregard for the rule of law by pledging to reimburse city hospitals nearly $100 million to provide housing for illegal immigrants.

This reckless decision not only undermines our immigration system, but also puts a strain on our already overburdened healthcare system.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of harm to our nation, the Biden administration stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the crisis at our southern border.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.