New Report Confirms Wages Soared Under the Trump Administration

The Biden administration, since taking power in the White House, has worked relentlessly to hinder and undo the work of the Trump administration. Ending the Remain in Mexico policy, blockage of Keystone Pipeline construction, and a mass amnesty agenda are just a few examples.

Under the current president, tens of thousands of Americans have already lost their jobs. Meanwhile, the $2,000 immediate checks that Biden vowed to deliver, should Democrats take the Senate majority, are nowhere to be found.

“How To Get Your Stimulus Check For Non-F” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Alpha Bonding

Biden has stated many times that his excess of executive actions is about undoing poor policies from the Trump administration. However, Breitbart News sheds light on a report proving that wages actually soared under the 45th president.

Wage Growth Under the Trump Administration

Earlier this week, the left-leaning think tank known as Economic Policy Institute (EPI) put out data showing record wage increases towards the end of 2019.

These gains show that individuals in the 10th, 20th, and 50th percentiles experienced higher wages. During the Trump years, the EPI remained highly critical of his administration; however, the data, numbers, and charts documenting wages in 2019 speak for themselves.

In 2020, wages also increased; however, while this appears to be good news on the surface, there is much more to the story. Wage growth in 2020 is due to the fact that while many low-income people lost their jobs due to shutdowns, higher-income Americans saw wage gains in their work.

What Will Wages Look Like Under the Biden Administration?

With less than 100 days into the Biden administration, wage growth appears very far out.

For starters, the Democrat president’s energy policies have already doomed at least 11,000 blue-collar workers to now being without a job. Furthermore, Biden has given big business jobs that would have gone to Americans to foreign workers willing to do the job for vastly lower wages.

The American Rescue Plan that the House of Representatives passed on Friday is also set to have adverse impacts on jobs and wages, as are Biden’s business regulations. In light of these details, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath on expecting wage growth or economic progress under this current administration.

What do you think about the report showing wage increases under the Trump administration? How do you believe the Biden administration will impact wages, jobs, and the economy in general? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments section.