New Push For Electric Vehicles Emerges

On the left, there is a systematic push to have everyone driving electric vehicles.

The endgame of the Democrats is to phase out current vehicles that are powered by gas. Democrats believe these vehicles are bad for the environment and that electric vehicles are the solution.

However, electric vehicles are not necessarily the easy fix that they’ve been made out to be.

For starters, there are still serious issues with electric vehicle charging stations not functioning. In a scenario where everyone drives electric vehicles, this would leave everyone stuck without transportation access.

Likewise, electric vehicles have shown themselves to be uniquely vulnerable to storms and very cold weather.

In spite of these extremely real problems, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is still pushing for widespread electric vehicle use, per Breitbart News.

The Latest From the EPA

The EPA has chosen to set restrictions for acceptable greenhouse gas emissions levels for cars modeled from 2027 to 2032.

At the same time, the Biden White House is putting out pollution restrictions that mandate 54% of sold new cars in America to be electric by the time 2030 arrives. Once 2032 gets here, the Biden administration wants to increase 54% to 66%.

These new guidelines set by the EPA and Biden administration are extremely aggressive, in light of where public sentiment stands on this issue.

Americans Not Convinced

Polling has consistently shown that most Americans aren’t too eager to toss their current cars by the wayside in exchange for electric vehicles. At the same time, people have legitimate concerns about the costs of electric cars, in addition to the problems with charging stations.

Neither the EPA nor the Biden administration has laid out a plan to ensure that charging stations across America are fully operational. Until they do make and implement such a plan, there shouldn’t even be a conversation about mandatory electric vehicles.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.