New Problems Emerge For Rail Workers

Over a month ago, a terrible train derailment happened in East Palestine, Ohio. This derailment also led to the spilling of dangerous chemicals that are making residents sick, killing animals, and infecting resources, such as water.

Right now, the situation on the ground is far from being fixed.

In fact, there are still ongoing investigations into this derailment and its potential causes. Meanwhile, members of the Biden administration have been criticized for what Americans view as a lackadaisical approach to this entire situation.

Joe Biden has not yet been to East Palestine. Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg let weeks pass before he finally visited the city in Ohio.

Now, new information from the Gateway Pundit reveals that rail workers on the scene are getting sick amid the clean-up.

It’s Not Over Yet

Officials in multiple levels of government have repeatedly alleged that in the aftermath of the train derailment last month, there are no longer health hazards posed.

Now, rail employees who have been working at the scene of the train derailment are telling a different story. In fact, they’re even getting sick and suffering from medical problems, due to what they claim is contaminated water and air.

Because of what’s now transpiring, the Biden administration has been alerted of the situation by rail unions. In a letter, it was revealed that rail workers with Norfolk Southern are suffering from nausea and head problems.

To really add insult to injury, rail workers on clean-up duty aren’t even getting the necessary equipment or materials to fully protect themselves from toxins. This doesn’t bode well at all.

Workers who are falling ill may even be in the position to initiate legal action since they were made to operate in an unsafe environment that was previously declared by government officials to be safe.

From Bad to Worse

The horrible look of putting rail workers in jeopardy after what just happened with last month’s train derailment cannot be overstated.

The illnesses that multiple rail workers at the site of East Palestine are suffering from also call into question why so many government officials deemed this environment to be safe only weeks after the derailment.

Many questions, yet few genuine answers, are continuing to materialize. Right now, the Biden administration, along with different government officials, is taking heat via social media for what many Americans deem to be a situation that was mishandled.

Meanwhile, sick rail workers and their families are left having to clean up the pieces of their own health and lives.

Are you surprised to learn that rail workers are now falling ill at a site that multiple different officials with the government deemed to be all clear? Please let us know in the comments area.