New Poll Sheds Light on Capitol Hill Riots, Trump Presidency

"President Trump Travels to Texas" (Public Domain) by The White House

Last week’s riots at the U.S. Capitol continue to permeate national news and conversations about the Trump presidency. Several leaders in Washington and other Americans have asserted that the attack on the Capitol serves as a stain on the Trump presidency. Days ago, the House used this attack as a basis to impeach the 45th president for a second time.

“President Trump Travels to Texas” (Public Domain) by The White House

In the wake of the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol, destroyed public property, and threatened the lives of lawmakers, quite a bit has happened. Aside from the second Trump impeachment, big tech companies have penalized the president, banned him from their platforms, and multiple businesses owned by Trump lost contracts.
In a new poll conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post, the broader perception of the Capitol Hill riots and Trump presidency are explored, per Newsmax.

What Americans Think About Capitol Hill Riots, Trump Presidency, and More

Today’s poll findings determined that 85% of Republicans do not believe Trump should be booted out of office; meanwhile, 89% of Democrats disagree. This is in keeping with the typical partisan divides regarding perceptions of the 45th president; however, 71% of all Americans view Trump as at least partially responsible for the onslaught against Capitol Hill.
The survey then confirms that 62% of Americans perceive voter fraud claims as lacking solid evidence, whereas 63% are at least somewhat confident in the nation’s election integrity.

Finally, the Washington Post/ABC News poll surveyed Americans’ thoughts on Trump’s legacy as president. Although 38% approve of his work in the White House, 60% stated that they disapprove. 15% also declared that America would remember Trump as an “outstanding” president, while 48% said the nation would view Trump poorly.

An End to the Trump Presidency

The 45th president’s White House term comes to an end in precisely five days. Although the House impeached Trump for a second time earlier this week, there simply is not enough time for the president’s Senate trial to occur before he leaves office.

Democrats and others who oppose Trump are eagerly using the events at the Capitol to define Trump’s presidency. With multiple social media platforms banning the 45th president, it is difficult for Trump to get his messages out to Americans as he did before.
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