NEW: Most New York COVID-19 Cases Linked to Staying Home

"andrew cuomo" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by zrs_one

For weeks and weeks now, healthcare professionals and elected officials have claimed that staying home is key to saving lives. Because of this thought process, tens of millions of Americans are without work; the economy continues going down the drain and so many people are losing everything.

Yet again, though, the “stay home, save lives” narrative has been proven as utterly false. Yesterday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo came forth and acknowledged that new hospitalizations caused by COVID-19 are from individuals who did, in fact, stay home.
Additional developments from Fox News confirm that the percentage of new coronavirus patients who listened to the government and stayed home is at 66%.

Stay Home, Get Sick?

During a daily press briefing regarding new coronavirus developments, the New York Gov. expressed “shock” that more than six out of ten new COVID-19 patients contracted the virus even after staying home.
Cuomo additionally noted that many individuals who fall into this category are older; however, increasing amounts of sick older individuals over an ongoing period would account for tons of New Yorkers.

Additional information from the New York governor confirms that many people who stayed home and contracted coronavirus also didn’t use public transportation. By Cuomo’s own admission, 96% did not use public transportation and 98% of those who became sick after staying home also did not walk.

Changing the Narrative

In light of the new link between staying home and catching COVID-19 (at least in New York), individuals who favor lockdowns should retire the “stay home, save lives” slogan. Once again, it has proven to be inaccurate. Human beings were never meant to be endlessly confined to their homes.

The information listed above will most definitely play a role in talks to come regarding coronavirus. Advocates of indefinite shutdowns will also no longer be able to claim that staying home is the ultimate solution to stopping the spread of COVID-19.
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