New Job Offers Coming in For Tucker Carlson

Towards the end of April, Americans were collectively stunned when Fox News fired Tucker Carlson in a rather sudden manner. No one expected that Carlson would be fired, especially considering his fan base, the prominence of the show, and the value he added to Fox News.

However, in the wake of his firing, many conservatives have vowed to support Carlson in whatever he decides to do next. There are currently reports that Carlson is not sweating his loss at Fox News and is instead enjoying some personal time to himself.

Now, breaking news from the Gateway Pundit shows that fresh job offers are beginning to roll in for him.

Valuetainment Shoots Its Shot

On Tuesday, Patrick Bet-David, the CEO of Valuetainment, publicly offered Carlson a pretty good deal. In addition to a $100 million contract over the next five years, the former Fox News host was also offered his own TV show with the network, a podcast, an equity stake, and more.

Bet-David also made it clear that he believes Carlson is a great fit for Valuetainment’s support of liberty, freedom, and honesty.

On social media, Americans weighed in, with the general consensus being that this is a pretty fine job offer. With Valuetainment throwing its hat in the ring, it also remains to be seen if other media outlets decide to make job offers of their own.

Stay Tuned, Folks

Americans will ultimately have to stay tuned to see what Tucker Carlson does next for work and whether or not he ends up taking Valuetainment’s job offer.

In the days since being let go from Fox News, however, Carlson did put out a video statement via Twitter. It’s since amassed more than 80 million views so far, with many people eagerly following this saga to see how it all shakes out.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.