New Jersey Ends Phased Reopening Plan

"Governor Phil Murphy announces efforts t" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by GovPhilMurphy

Various states are continuing to scale back their reopening plans as reports of coronavirus increases make headlines.
Different Americans have various viewpoints about reported surges in COVID-19. Some folks believe that such increases are a consequence of reopening too soon; however, other Americans have pointed out that an increase in testing boosts the likelihood of finding new cases that weren’t previously known.

Despite the varying outlooks, elected officials are reverting back to closing down the economy. Just yesterday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that restaurants in the state can no longer reopen their dining room doors.
Additional reports from Breitbart News confirm Gov. Murphy’s claim that such a ban on indoor dining will maintain “indefinitely” for New Jersey restaurants.

Dark Days Ahead for New Jersey Restaurants

Due to surges in COVID-19, New Jersey restaurants cannot serve patrons indoors. Murphy stated that such a pause on the state’s reopening plan is necessary to “safeguard public health.”

Gov. Murphy didn’t stop there though. He also slammed people for an alleged “disregard of social distancing” and not enough face mask-wearing.
After this tangent, the New Jersey governor slammed “outlier bars and restaurants” along with patrons who decline to wear face masks or partake in what Murphy views as appropriate social distancing. The governor also mentioned seeing content on social media that indicates increasing numbers of people without masks.

What’s Causing Surges of COVID-19?

The cause behind reported coronavirus surges is another matter that remains highly contested. By Gov. Murphy’s own admission, he believes that a lack of social distancing and face masking are the culprits for these increases.
In his thread of tweets, the New Jersey governor declined to provide direct evidence to support the theory that restaurant-goers without masks or social distancing contributed to the spread of coronavirus.

This, again, leaves room for the theory that new surges are merely the aftereffect of more testing.
An “indefinite” pause on in-door dining in New Jersey spells bad news for servers, bartenders, and others who rely on tips to make ends meet. These are factors that Murphy declined to mention or give public attention to when informing about the ban on indoor dining.
What do you think about the New Jersey governor’s decision to halt indoor dining in restaurants? Do you believe increases in COVID-19 cases are merely the result of more testing? Let us know down below in the comments section.