New Information Revealed on Infamous Chinese Spy Balloon

Earlier this month, America was quite taken aback when a Chinese spy balloon was found drifting over our airspace. To make matters worse, Joe Biden somewhat took his time before giving US officials the all-clear to neutralize this balloon.

When the United States did eventually get rid of this device in our airspace, China had a temper tantrum. The communist regime accused America of overreacting and breaking international regulations.

China even went so far as to allege that the United States has sent spying devices over Chinese airspace. Though the regime provided not one shred of evidence to back this up.

Nevertheless, new information about the aforementioned Chinese spy balloon has just come to light, per American Military News.

What Every American Should Be Aware of

Apparently, the spy balloon caught by the US in February is more dangerous than we all previously thought. The device is now believed to have possessed technology that let it see through various objects.

In a recent leak of top-level government documents, it’s been revealed that the solar panels of the balloon likely had the capacity to see through delicate materials, darkness, and even cloud covers.

Though there is still extensive work underway to find out what all the Chinese spy balloon was truly capable of. After all, no one is holding their breath waiting for the Chinese government to be transparent or forthcoming.

More Daunting News

The Chinese spy balloon was in US airspace for at least days ahead of the Biden administration getting rid of it.

For this reason, some top American officials believe that military data pertaining to our weapons operations was successfully collected and then sent back to China for review.

This poses an obvious national security threat, on top of begging to question how the Chinese could use this information for nefarious purposes.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.