New Facts Indicate Mueller Destroyed Evidence, Obstructed Justice

It is no secret that the left-wing has placed their hopes and dreams in Robert Mueller’s ongoing Russia investigation as the thing which will bring about the downfall of President Donald Trump. However, the left might do well not to get too excited.
Recent developments have affirmed that in Mueller’s quest to take down Trump, the special counsel knowingly destroyed evidence and even obstructed justice all for the sake of his political agenda; this is documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Crimes of Robert Mueller

As the special counsel of the Russia investigation, Mueller has a duty to behave legally and ethically. This is something which Mueller has sadly failed to do. Following the legal case against Michael Flynn, Judge Emmet Sullivan instructed the special counsel to turn over all relevant information, including documentation which pertains to FBI reports and the initial interview with Flynn.
Now, instead of following the judge’s orders, Mueller elected to do his own thing. The special counsel constructed his own reports via FBI agents who were already discovered to be corrupt. Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Andrew McCabe are the individuals who Mueller saw as fit to turn over reports from. However, new evidence has surfaced that there is additional, relevant documentation which the special counsel has not turned over to Judge Sullivan.

What Must Happen

The anti-Trump political undertones of the Russia investigation are readily apparent to any American who has been objectively paying attention. The truth of the matter is that this probe has never truly been about looking into the 2016 election and ensuring that foreign governments haven’t been interfering.
Instead, it’s been a cockamamie witch hunt carried out by people who are shocked that President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. They never expected Trump to win; all the odds were stacked against him and yet he still ascended to the Oval Office. Instead of wasting valuable taxpayer dollars on an investigation which has produced zero evidence of Russia collusion within nearly two years, it’s time to start looking into the conduct of Robert Mueller.
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