New Developments Don’t Bode Well For Nancy Pelosi

The release of the Durham report revealed that former President Trump did not, in fact, collude with the Russian government to win the 2016 presidential election.

What’s more is that various government officials were well aware that Trump didn’t collude. However, they used phony details and faulty reasoning to surveil Trump anyway, ultimately racking up a multi-million dollar bill for US taxpayers.

Many conservatives suspected all along that the Trump-Russia collusion claims were nothing more than a hoax. Though the Durham report proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Coincidentially, many folks who pushed this hoax as legitimate are now mysteriously silent. One of these people is former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as Fox News reports.

No Getting Around This

On multiple occasions, Pelosi’s office has been contacted by Fox News and other companies seeking her comment on the developments revealed in the Durham report. Coincidentially, however, the California Democrat has nothing to say.

Pelosi hasn’t even so much as tweeted about it or given any press conferences to respond to the updates. Ultimately, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

Like other Democrats with a vendetta against Trump, Pelosi doesn’t want to admit that she was either wrong, intentionally dishonest, or both.

No one should hold their breath waiting for Pelosi to speak out about this. However, those who pushed the Trump-Russia hoax may be seeing some consequences coming down the pipeline, sooner rather than later.

Possible Consequences

After the revelations of the Durham report became public knowledge, a resolution for Rep. Adam Schiff to be expelled from Congress was submitted by Rep. Anna Paulina Luna.

Luna said that Schiff disgraced himself and the country by knowingly lying about Trump and costing taxpayers millions in the process. Though Schiff is far from the only Democrat who engaged in such egregious lies.