New Details Released About Tucker Carlson’s Firing From Fox News

In late April, Fox News abruptly cut all ties with Tucker Carlson, removing him from the network. This happened with no warning whatsoever. Carlson’s firing also coincidentally occurred on the same day that CNN cut the cord with Don Lemon.

Though since Carlson’s ouster, there have been all sorts of theories about what motivated Fox News.

Some Americans believe Rupert Murdoch wants to take Fox News from populist conservatism to establishment GOP politics. Others believe that a speech Carlson gave at the Heritage Foundation also could have played a role in Fox News firing him.

However, Slay News is now bringing attention to a critical conversation that happened in the time leading up to Carlson being fired.

President of Ukraine Plays a Part?

It’s recently come to light that weeks before Carlson got the boot, both Murdoch and his son Lachlan spoke with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine.

This is raising some eyebrows, due to the fact that Carlson was very much against America providing aid to Ukraine as it fight off Russian invaders.

According to official reports, Zelenskyy didn’t bring up Carlson when he spoke with the Murdochs. Nevertheless, the meeting in mid-March, followed by Carlson being suddenly canned in late April, is a bit too much of a coincidence for many Americans.

Not the Best Look

Right now, it’s anyone’s guess as to what exactly the Murdochs discussed with the president of Ukraine. However, it’s not the greatest look in the eyes of Americans who worry that Fox News had an axe to grind with Carlson.

After the firing, Fox News’ stock value dropped considerably. Likewise, a portion of the audience cancelled their monthly payments to the Fox Nation subscription service.

At this time, it remains to be seen if more details about Tucker Carlson’s termination from Fox News eventually come to light.