New Details Emerge About Tucker Carlson’s Sacking From Fox News

This past Monday, Americans were collectively stunned upon learning that Tucker Carlson got fired from Fox News. This termination happened abruptly with no prior indication that Fox and Carlson would be parting ways.

Social media exploded amid the news, with many right-wing figures and supporters taking Carlson’s side. Some stated they cancelled their subscriptions to Fox Nation and would quit tuning into the network, as a result of Carlson being out.

Now, a report from The Telegraph shines a light on at least one issue that could have led to Carlson’s sacking.

The Underlying Culprit All Along?

It’s now being theorized that Fox head Rupert Murdoch booted Carlson due to a speech the latter gave at an event by the Heritage Foundation.

Earlier this month, Carlson delivered a speech in which he talked about good and evil, the need for prayer to fight evil, and how many divides in this country now go beyond politics.

Some sources claim that Carlson went too far for Murdoch’s liking, leading to him losing his job. This could potentially check out, seeing as Carlson spoke before the Heritage Foundation over the weekend. Though on Friday, the Fox News host signed off the air, stating he’d return on Monday.

Only on Monday did Americans learn that Carlson was finished.

Another Running Theory

Other sources believe that the lawsuit Fox News is facing from Dominion Voting Systems over claims made about the 2020 presidential election played a role in Carlson losing his job.

The timing of this also makes it plausible, seeing as Carlson was fired merely days after Fox News agreed to fork over a $787 million settlement to Dominion.

Moreover, rumors have spread that letting go of Carlson could have potentially been part of the settlement’s terms; however, there is nothing concrete to confirm this theory.