New Details Emerge About Jordan Neely Incident

We’ve all heard quite a bit about the Jordan Neely incident. After dozens of arrests, Neely found himself being physically restrained on a subway after causing issues for the passengers on board.

The individuals who physically restrained him include US Marine Daniel Penny, along with others riding the subway. After the incident, Neely passed away, leading left-wing activists to claim that he was unfairly murdered because of his race and mental health problems.

However, as more details about this story come out, the truth isn’t fitting the charged narrative put out by Democrats, as reported by Right Journalism.

A More In-depth Look at the Story

As Penny restrained Neely, the former held the latter in a position that would not only keep him from hurting others, but also ensure that he could recover after the fact. Of course, this is not something the left wing feels too eager to share.

Another interesting detail in this story deals with the reactions of other passengers on the subway when this incident broke out.

Witnesses were heard on video saying that Neely would be fine. They even praised Penny for managing to restrain the homeless man in a way that was both safe and effective.

These latest developments completely dispel the false narrative that Penny was some savage brute out to get Neely because of his skin color.

Facts Matter

The more information comes out about this Jordan Neely incident, the more it becomes clear that Penny and others who helped restrain him did the right thing. If Neely was not subdued, there’s no telling what harm he could have done to other passengers on the subway.

After all, this was far from Neely’s first time being violent and threatening others. With dozens of arrests in his past, he should have gotten the necessary help.