New Case in Tennessee Highlights Importance of Self-defense

In recent years, an increasing number of Americans have chosen to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Not only are more people purchasing firearms, but they’re also taking gun training classes, going to the range to practice, and applying for concealed carry permits in states that still require them.

This makes sense, seeing as most folks want to be able to defend themselves and their families in these uncertain times. Since Democrats chose to defund the police in so many communities nationwide, criminals aren’t hesitating to take advantage.

Out of Tennessee has emerged a new case that highlights the importance of self-defense, as reported by Bearing Arms.

A Clear-cut Example

In the city of Murfreesboro, intruders Clifford Wright and Kevin Ford broke into the home of a man with a teenage son and a dog. The pair even tased the dog and pulled a gun on the son of the homeowner.

This situation would have gotten a lot worse if the homeowner hadn’t shot Wright and Ford. While the former intruder ran away from the scene and was later apprehended by law enforcement, Ford ended up dying on the spot.

According to law enforcement in Murfreesboro, the homeowner isn’t likely to face any charges. This is a clear case of self-defense, in which the lives of the homeowner and his son were in clear and imminent danger.

A Warning For the Rest of America

The gun control movement will often claim that people are more at risk if they have guns in their homes. However, the fact of the matter is if the Murfreesboro homeowner wasn’t armed, then he and his teenage son would likely not be alive today.

In the United States, people are within their rights to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their property. These rights can never be forfeited or taken away.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.