Netflix Tells Its Employees to Accept Different Viewpoints in Content

On platforms like HBOMax, Hulu, Netflix, etc., it’s inevitable that not everyone will like the content there. Some people will prefer various shows and programs to others.

Other folks may have specific genre preferences or otherwise have their own opinions about the messages of specific content being put out.

At Netflix, however, various differences in viewpoints and opinions have caused problems, notably amongst its employees. Many workers at the streaming service company claimed that certain content deemed as insensitive by some should be removed.

Now, Netflix is responding to these claims, as documented by The Hill.

A New Culture Memo From Netflix

In new updates to the company’s culture memo, Netflix notes that some content on the platform may be more favored than others.

It’s also pointed out that people who watch Netflix will have all sorts of varying opinions and ideologies. Creating content that every single Netflix subscriber loved and agreed with would be impossible.

Later in the memo, Netflix was clear that it won’t be censoring particular creators, but rather allowing different “tastes” and letting subscribers determine what they want to watch.

Finally, the company memo ends by telling employees that working at Netflix might not be a suitable fit for them if they cannot handle a variety of content and perspectives.

Trouble in Paradise With Netflix

Employees’ unhappiness with certain types of content is far from the only problem that Netflix is facing these days. On top of that, the streaming service has been losing mass numbers of subscribers lately.

During the height of COVID lockdowns, Netflix subscribers rose substantially as people were confined to their homes. Now that this is no longer the case, the shift away from lockdowns is believed to be a factor in Netflix’s loss of subscribers.

On top of this, it’s recently been announced that Netflix will start incorporating ads into the content it streams. This, along with increasing subscriber fees, hasn’t gone over well with the general public.

All in all, Netflix has real work to do going forward. If the company continues to raise prices or otherwise take measures that consumers don’t like, it could end up meeting the same fate as Blockbuster.

At this time, that appears to be something Netflix wants to avoid, given the now-viral memo that’s gone out to its employees.

Ultimately, time will determine what’s to come for Netflix and whether or not it can turn things around.

What do you think about this new memo sent out to employees working for Netflix? Do you believe the company will be able to recuperate from some of the losses it’s faced as of late?

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