Nationwide Law Enforcement Shortages Happening Across America

For the past year, the Democrat Party and left-wing activists have spent time trashing and vilifying law enforcement.

Sitting Democrats in Congress have called for the defunding of police and leftist mayors actually reduced funding to their police departments; although, the latter now seeks to restore said funding, amid jumps in crime. 

In light of the riots and growing anti-police sentiment that law enforcement officers are facing, many of them just determined that the job is no longer worth it; moreover, people who may have considered careers in law enforcement are now hesitant, if not completely put off. 

According to Newsmax, the United States now has a situation on its hands where getting more recruits into law enforcement is becoming more challenging. 

A Closer Look at Nationwide Law Enforcement Shortages

Since the death of George Floyd, law enforcement recruits are far and few in between. A growing number of officers are either retiring or quitting their jobs; meanwhile, there are not nearly enough new recruits coming in to replace those leaving or provide the upcoming generation with police protection. 

Calls to defund the police are impacting the current nationwide shortages. Likewise, proposed bills to slash qualified immunity, attacks against officers during riots, etc., each took a toll. Many people simply no longer believe that being a police officer is worth the hassle anymore. 

Areas such as Philadelphia, Dallas, Los Angeles, and others are documented as having trouble with keeping or retaining police officers. 

The Need for Law Enforcement in America

It is no coincidence that as communities defund the police and as more police leave the force, crime shoots up.

Theft, murders, and other crimes are surging in many cities across the United States. Criminals are loving the defund the police movement; it lets them run amuck and commit more crimes with a lesser likelihood of suffering the consequences. 

It is very clear that defunding and vilifying police is not sustainable. Law enforcement is necessary to protect people, serve communities, and ensure that bad individuals do not cause harm to the good ones. 

If things continue as they’ve been, America will see fewer and fewer police officers across the nation. This means that crime is bound to surge and more innocents will suffer as a result. By Democrats embracing “defund the police,” they are directly and indirectly emboldening the criminals. 

Ultimately, the months and years ahead will determine what becomes of policing and law enforcement in the United States of America. 

What do you think about reports of nationwide law enforcement shortages in the country? Are you worried about the long-term ramifications? Let us get some insight into your thoughts and viewpoints on this latest news in the comments section below.