Nationwide Inflation Worries Jump to Almost Nine in Ten


The Biden administration continues to fail the United States. In just about every area, matters have become worse, not better, with Biden in the White House. However, this is not stopping the White House and other Democrats from embracing one poor policy after another. 

When Biden ran for the presidency, he campaigned on “building back better”; however, the only thing this failed president has built thus far is a border crisis, more unemployment, and an inflation nightmare. President Biden also managed to build a worse, higher national deficit, due to obscene and limitless spending. 

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As time passes, more Americans are waking up to the inflation crisis created by this president. According to Newsmax, close to nine in ten Americans are seriously disturbed by inflation in the United States right now. 

The Latest Data on Americans’ Concerns About Inflation

Unlike other policy matters, economic inflation isn’t something that can be concealed for very long; right now, it’s spreading like wildfire as the Biden-Harris administration pretends to be the savior of the economy. 

This week, Skynova released a new poll with updated data on where the nation stands regarding inflation. A total of 88% of Americans are now said to harbor fears about inflation under the 46th president. Only a measly 2% of polled Americans stated that inflation wasn’t of worry to them at all. 

Meanwhile, nearly four out of ten Americans believe that inflation carries more importance than other matters. Likewise, another almost four in ten Americans declared that inflation is at least of average importance. 

Across the board, the vast majority of the nation expects prices to keep on climbing. They’ve already risen exponentially, as cars, gas, hotels, flights, food, clothing, etc., become more expensive. 

Several data studies have shown that if inflation persists as it has been thus far, it could maintain well into 2024 and not come to a halt until 2026. 

Obliviousness from the White House

The White House remains either oblivious or indifferent to the inflation crisis they’ve foisted on the country. Yesterday, Biden and Harris gleefully announced the launch of a child tax credit; yet, neither the president nor vice president announced any plans to drive down inflation rates. Apparently, this is Biden’s notion of “building back better.” 

The reality that 88% of Americans have concerns about inflation proves that this exists across party lines. Contrary to the narrative that Biden sycophants want to push, inflation is not just a conservative talking point. It’s a real issue that Americans are facing, thanks to disastrously harmful choices from the White House. 

Are you at all concerned about inflation in the United States? How have the increased costs of living impacted your life? Let us know in the comments section down below.