National Republican Congressional Committee Has a Message for Democrats

The 2022 midterm season has begun, with less than one year to go until America learns whether Congress stays under Democrats’ control or shifts back to GOP control.

Republicans have several advantages heading into these races. For starters, Biden cannot reach above a 50% approval rating in 48 states. Secondly, Biden’s national approval rating shakes out to 36%, per a recent poll.

Democrats have truly made a mess of things for themselves. Even leftist analysts are now sounding the alarm, stating the party is not in a good place with next year’s congressional races coming up.

Now, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has come out swinging with a firm message for Democrats, as reported by Breitbart News.

NRCC Officially Puts Democrats on Notice

On Saturday, NRCC chairman Tom Emmer spoke with Breitbart’s radio show about the midterm races coming up. Emmer didn’t mince words either.

According to the chairman, Democrats should either retire now or prepare to be defeated in 2022. Emmer also explained the key to winning elections is about the right messaging, candidates, and the proper resources.

Emmer then noted the GOP is bringing in record amounts of women, veterans, and minorities who are declaring their candidacies to run as Republicans for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Shortly thereafter, Emmer pointed out Americans today are reminded countless times about the harm of Democrats’ policies. The NRCC chair pointed out inflation is consistently in the faces of Americans, as are higher gas prices and other horrible consequences stemming from leftists.

Are Democrats Going to Listen?

Believe it or not, it appears as though Democrats have already gotten the message from the NRCC chairman. Even before Emmer’s sitdown, record numbers of Democrats in the House announced their decision not to defend their seats.

They’re either retiring altogether or entering races to become senators, governors, mayors, etc. Word in politics is House Democrats know they’re going to lose the majority and don’t see a need in sticking around.

Multiple polls show Republicans are in a very strong position to take back control of the House, come November 2022. Senate Democrats aren’t stepping down as much as their House counterparts are; however, it’s not looking good for Democrats in this chamber either.

Right now, the Senate is divided 50/50. Meanwhile, Biden’s approval ratings are down in every state which will impact the senatorial races next year.

Tom Emmer was absolutely correct when speaking with Breitbart yesterday. Democrats who don’t listen will learn the hard way by losing their elections and watching Republicans take their seats.

What do you think about the message to Democrats from the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee? Do you think Democrat candidates will heed the warning ahead of the midterms. Let us know in the comments area below.