Nancy Pelosi Insults Americans’ Intelligence in New Interview

In utter defiance of all logic and reason, the Biden administration is continuing to double down on various policies bringing America to the brink of ruin.

During Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, he continued peddling the lie that his policies have served the nation well. Despite the American Rescue Plan being a direct driver of current inflation, Biden insisted that it’s benefited the public.

Since March 1, Biden’s been publicly panned for giving such an out-of-touch State of the Union address. The president’s talking points made it more than plain that he doesn’t care at all about the hardships his leadership has created.

Hours before Biden’s State of the Union address, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was questioned about mounting disapproval towards Biden. As PJ Media reports, Pelosi’s remarks were quite telling of how she views everyday Americans.

Pelosi on Biden’s Unpopularity with Americans

As most of the country is very much aware of, disapproval with Biden’s handling of the economy has been consistently rising; meanwhile, the same is also applicable to the disapproval of Biden’s haphazard management of the coronavirus he vowed to “defeat.”

When Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC asked Pelosi how Democrats can reverse the destructive path Biden is on, the question went right over Pelosi’s head.

The House Speaker responded to Mitchell by declaring that it’ll be important for Americans to tune into Biden’s State of the Union address so they can know and appreciate what he’s done.

At no point did Pelosi specifically address Americans’ frustrations with the economy or how Biden’s handled COVID. Instead, she just determined it would be the way to go to infer that Americans who dislike the president are stupid.

Quite frankly, Pelosi’s reaction to this line of questioning from MSNBC shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. After all, months ago, the House Speaker directly claimed that Biden was “just perfect.”

In other words, Pelosi is far from objective or even based in reality when it comes to what Biden’s truly doing to this nation.

The Unfortunate Truth

Regardless of how much Pelosi sings Biden’s praises, it doesn’t change the truth of how many Americans are living with Biden in the White House.

Living costs today are much higher than they ever needed to be. Meanwhile, public safety levels are much lower than they need to be; the anti-law enforcement agenda of the political left has already cost countless Americans their lives.

The agenda that Biden and Pelosi have in mind for the United States is simply not sustainable by any stretch of the imagination. So many Americans are going to be better off once these people are finally voted out of office.

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