Nancy Pelosi Appeared Poised for Retirement Before 2023

California Democrat and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress for longer than some Americans have been alive.

A Brief Rundown on Pelosi’s Time in Congress

During the Trump presidency, Pelosi repeatedly made headlines for butting heads with Trump. Pelosi and Democrats also did their best to obstruct the 45th president and block his policies from coming to fruition.

With Biden in office, the House Speaker has taken the precise opposition actions.

For instance, when Pelosi wrote a letter asking the current president to deliver the 2022 State of the Union address in March, the letter was full of compliments about how great Biden and his policies supposedly are.

Right now, Pelosi is on her way to being booted out of the House speakership role. Democrats are not expected to hang onto their majority in the House of Representatives and they could very well lose the Senate also.

As all of this plays out, Breitbart News is reporting that Pelosi could retire from public office shortly after this year’s midterm elections.

What to Know About Pelosi’s Potential Retirement

On Tuesday, Rep. John Yarmuth, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, stated Pelosi’s current term appears likely to be her last.

Yarmuth is a well-known ally of the House Speaker; however, the Kentucky Democrat also announced potential Democrats to fill in the shoes of Pelosi as a member of Congress are getting lots of money donated to their campaigns.

Quite frankly, the stars may be aligning for Pelosi to finally step down. About two dozen Democrats in the House of Representatives have already confirmed they won’t seek re-election.

Meanwhile, Democrats are alienating voters with an unpopular president that’s causing massive rises in all the worst things from inflation to supply chain problems and more.

In January alone, Pelosi’s also managed to incur wrath from her own party members over allegations of insider stock trading. The husband of the House Speaker is believed to have helped enrich their family via trading of this nature.

Last year, when Pelosi was asked by CNN whether or not she’d be seeking another term in Congress, she declined to give a definitive answer. The House Speaker told CNN she’d discuss the matter with her family before announcing it to the country.

Should the Republican Party meet expectations and regain control in the House of Representatives, the most likely candidate to become the new House Speaker is California GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

With Republicans as the minority party in the lower chamber, McCarthy presently serves as the House Minority Leader.

Do you believe the reports that Nancy Pelosi is going to retire from office after the midterm elections? Let us know in the comments area whether you feel this will happen.