Multiple White House Aides Break with Biden on Americans Stranded in Afghanistan


The Afghanistan crisis is a nightmare. Despite President Biden’s claims that his means of withdrawing troops was a success and nothing could have been done any better, nobody else is falling for such an obvious falsehood.

It was not necessary for the Taliban to rise to power. 13 American Marines did not have to lose their lives; moreover, it was not inevitable for Americans to be now trapped in a country where terrorists are deciding what goes.

As it turns out, though, the ramifications of all that has happened due to Biden’s botched pullout are still materializing. According to Newsmax, multiple White House aides are breaking with the president over Americans who presently remain stranded in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Biden Alienates His Own White House Administration

Since his time as president, Biden has made a tremendous number of calls which speak to his poor judgment; however, it appears that leaving Americans stranded in Kabul is finally what goes a bridge too far for certain members of the White House administration.

One unnamed aide told Politico that the reality of our citizens stuck in Afghanistan is “horrifying” and “appalling” to them. This White House staffer then told Politico that despite Biden’s claims this pullout was “successful,” the “no-fail mission” was, in fact, an utter failure.

It’s very telling that Biden’s own White House aides can recognize failure in how he went about Afghanistan, yet Biden himself cannot. This goes to show that unrest over Americans remaining in Kabul isn’t just a right-wing talking point.

Biden has claimed that there are still mechanisms to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan who want to leave. Many inquiring minds would love to know what these mechanisms entail.

Thus far, the White House has given no real answers on this matter; however, it’s very telling that Biden’s own aides aren’t even fully backing him in this situation.

American Citizens Tortured by the Taliban

With all American troops out of Kabul, the Taliban is doing victory laps and professing that they managed to get the better of the United States. They are also more emboldened than ever to lash out against Americans and allies who still remain in Afghanistan.

Within days of Biden leaving our nation’s citizens stranded, there are reports of the Taliban kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach and doing who knows what else. There are many other atrocities from the Taliban that won’t ever be reported in mainstream news.

It’s unfortunate that this is where we are as a nation after less than eight months of Biden in the Oval Office.

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