Most Voters Want Congress to Probe Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal

When the president of the United States makes stupid decisions, a lot of people typically feel the impact. This is certainly the situation for how Biden chose to remove our troops from Kabul, Afghanistan. Biden did this with no game plan for what would happen with Americans and allies who still remained.

Even after the final round of troops departed from Kabul, Afghanistan, at least hundreds of our country’s citizens still remain. The Biden administration says they’re going to get these folks out, but their actions tell a different story.

Many Americans are not pleased with all that transpired because of multiple poor judgment calls from the president. Several American Marines are dead. Also, the Taliban is arguably stronger than ever after being subdued for two decades.

Amid all the strife and problems stemming from Biden’s withdrawal, the majority of the nation believes this warrants a congressional investigation, as Breitbart News confirms.

Americans on a Congressional Probe into Biden’s Withdrawal

According to Rasmussen Reports, 62% of the country favors an investigation by Congress into the management of removing American troops from Afghanistan. Only 28% oppose such a probe, leaving a remaining 10% who are not sold on either possibility.

Of course, the numbers get much more telling, once broken down according to partisanship. Precisely eight out of ten Democrats want Congress to investigate how we withdrew our troops from Afghanistan, yet only 47% of Democrats agree. Meanwhile, 59% of voters who are not affiliated with either party back such an investigation.

Rasmussen Reports also confirmed that 65% of Americans do not back the president’s view that his withdrawal was a success. On the flip side, fewer than 33% of Americans agree that how Biden got our troops out constitutes a win.

Multiple Republican lawmakers are pushing for bills related to the Afghanistan pullout. At least some of this legislation deals with a plan for getting out Americans who remain in Afghanistan; another key element entails not recognizing the Taliban as a legitimate form of government.

The Merits of a Probe by Congress

There’s no denying that a congressional probe carries the possibility of revealing more information about this pullout to Americans. However, with a Congress narrowly controlled by Democrats, some problems could arise.

Certain Democrats have stepped up and noted the issues surrounding the Afghanistan situation; however, others are ducking for cover and even distancing themselves from Biden so his baggage doesn’t fall onto them, amid their upcoming re-election campaigns in 2022.

Time will tell whether or not Congress does wind up investigating President Biden’s given method of taking our troops out of Afghanistan.

Do you believe Congress ought to investigate how Biden removed American troops from Afghanistan? We’d love your insight and feedback below in the comments section.