Most Voters Not Happy with Direction America’s Heading


The Biden administration has been consistently running with one false narrative after the other. However, one of the most egregious narratives of all is the one which asserts that “America is back” with the current White House in charge. The opposite couldn’t be more true.

Biden, Harris, and other Democrats in D.C. would love for the country to believe that everyone is happy with the job they’re doing. However, the facts just don’t back up this claim. More people than ever are fearful of inflation, which continues to rise. 

There are other matters concerning American citizens; the immigration crisis at the Southern border and rising crime are just a few examples. Now, Breitbart News is shining light on a new poll confirming that most voters aren’t pleased with the current direction American’s heading. 

Insight from ABC News

Just yesterday, ABC News put out a poll confirming the truly dire state of where the country currently is. The poll determined that 55% of voters are unhappy with where the nation is going right now. This 55% is a notable increase from only 36% of voters back in May 2021 who were not thrilled with America’s direction at that time. 

ABC News furthermore revealed that dismay with the current direction of America is not partisan. Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike have lost confidence in this regard. 

What’s most interesting about this latest news is how it coincides with other polls, particularly about President Biden. Over the past several months, Biden has lost support from voters; this is apparent by his dropping approval rating and rising concerns about his presidency. 

Here’s what Americans can ascertain from ABC News thus far; concerns about the current direction of the country directly align with mounting disapproval of the Biden administration. The only one who doesn’t know this is the Biden administration itself. 

A White House in Shambles

The only way for Biden to improve voters’ currently low levels of optimism regarding America is to change his course of action. The polls are more than apparent, at this time. Voters want Biden to prioritize matters like the economy and bringing down crime. 

Time and time again, the Biden administration continues to demonstrate its obliviousness to where voters stand. Apparently, the White House believes that repeating the same lies will make them stick. 

This is why the White House is currently in shambles; it also explains why a growing number of voters are tiring of President Biden, his leadership, and the consequences stemming from it.

What do you make of the revelation that more than half of Americans aren’t optimistic about the current direction of the nation? Let us know your takeaways from the latest ABC News poll below in the comments section.