Most Swing Voters and Independents Oppose "Free" Healthcare for Illegals

Providing free healthcare to illegal immigrants has become a new campaign promise which Democrats have embraced. They seem to think this makes them look compassionate; furthermore many candidates have taken things one step beyond, even claiming that illegally entering into the United States should not be a crime. Of course, rarely do Democrats mention the reality that “free” healthcare for illegal immigrants will be funded via higher taxes on hardworking Americans.

Now, it’s no surprise that conservatives aren’t in favor of hiking taxes on Americans in order to pay for the healthcare of criminals. However, the majority of swing voters and independent voters also share the same sentiments, as documented by Breitbart News. More than 60% of both groups oppose the provision of free healthcare to illegal immigrants.

A Closer Look at Opposition to Free Healthcare for Illegals

The Democrats’ plan to force Americans to pay for illegal immigrants’ free healthcare would rack up approximately $66 billion dollars on an annual basis. There are countless ways in which those funds could be put to better use. Americans could feed their families, pay off student loans, credit card debts, or even put aside funds for a rainy day. The reality is that Democrats will not be able to win an election by only appealing to the radical left-wing. The radical left-wing and their extreme policies do not represent the collective United States of America.

Free healthcare for illegal immigrants is largely opposed by swing voters, independent voters and, of course, conservative voters. Democrats may believe they can skate by and win 2020 without conservative support; however, they’re definitely going to need the backing of at least some swing voters and independents. This seems to be a reality which Democrat candidates are woefully out of touch with.

Nationwide Opposition to Far Left Policies

The opposition which most swing voters and independents have towards free healthcare for illegals is likely only the beginning. If those with non-partisan leanings don’t favor hiking taxes for illegal immigrants, what will they think of increasing taxes to fund Medicare-for-All or reparations for individuals who have never experienced slavery a day in their lives? How will they feel about booting working people off of their private healthcare plans?

The reality is that Democrats have become so enamored with progressivism that they’ve forgotten about Americans who are not extreme progressives. Either they’ve forgotten or they simply don’t care because they believe people like swing voters and independents won’t matter in 2020. They certainly will…and the Democrats’ hubris and failure to realize this will ultimately engender their downfall.

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