Most Parents Prioritize Family Thanksgiving Gatherings, Despite CDC "Recommendations"

"The Presidential Turkeys Arrive in D.C.!" (Public Domain) by The White House

Thanksgiving has come and gone; however, the presence of COVID-19 prompted certain conversations about gatherings and appropriate avenues for people to celebrate the holidays.
Prior to Thursday, the CDC and other health “experts” did all they could to discourage gatherings. Officials claimed that people shouldn’t travel, congregate with others outside of their home, or otherwise enjoy a happy holiday with loved ones in-person.

“The Presidential Turkeys Arrive in D.C.!” (Public Domain) by The White House

However, one than one million people traveled for Thanksgiving, as the record shows. Furthermore, images online confirm that families and loved ones did gather with one another to enjoy their holiday after a year that has tested a lot of people.
Now, a new poll shows that most parents do view gatherings during Thanksgiving as important, despite the guidelines being put out, reports Breitbart News.

The General Consensus on Thanksgiving Gatherings

Yesterday, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital polled a series of parents about gatherings to learn the general consensus. The results of the polls were very telling and showed that fearmongering surrounding the 94.6% to 99.997% survivable coronavirus has not erased decades-long traditions.
According to the group’s survey findings, 61% of parents affirmed their plans to congregate with extended relatives over the holiday. However, another 88% of parents stated that they will not invite to gatherings relatives with exposure to or symptoms of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, another 75% of parents do agree about the importance of halting coronavirus transmission during family gatherings. C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital’s survey also showed that significant majorities of parents value their children participating in holiday traditions shared by the family.

Risk vs. Reward

When viewing the polling choices from parents regarding Thanksgiving gatherings, the writing is very clearly on the wall.
Most parents do not want their relatives to catch or spread coronavirus, even during family gatherings over the holidays. On the same note, the majority of parents still prioritize their children being able to spend time with extended relatives, have exposure to family traditions, and much more.

Some folks have taken it upon themselves to go online and shame people for traveling or gathering with loved ones. However, spending time with loved ones ultimately boils down to decisions that individuals will make.
While some people chose to shame others for enjoying their Thanksgiving, others slammed — and disregarded — draconian edicts made by mostly left-wing politicians in power.
What do you think about the importance of family gatherings over the holidays? Did you spend time with family and/or friends for Thanksgiving? Let us know down below in the comments section.