Most Americans Want Biden Out of Office

Joe Biden’s presidency may be coming to an end before 2024. After Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan, he’s taken massive hits. Last month’s withdrawal led to Americans being left behind with no clue of when or if they’ll be able to escape the nation now run by terrorists.

When Biden spoke about Afghanistan, he branded the pullout as a success. This comes in spite of a new emergence of terrorist organizations and the deaths of 13 Marines. Since these tragedies, Gold Star families have spoken to the press about Biden’s indifferent and cavalier attitudes while talking with them.

Biden’s management of Afghanistan is why many people in this country now want him out of office, according to Washington Examiner.

The Poll Results on Biden’s Presidency

Rasmussen Reports points out that amid the debacle in Afghanistan, 52% of Americans are supportive of Biden resigning from the White House. Only 39% conveyed to Rasmussen Reports that they don’t want the president to leave office.

However, in spite of strong support for Biden’s resignation, the American people aren’t at all excited about Kamala Harris becoming the next president. Previous polling over the past several weeks has shown that Americans don’t have very favorable views of the vice president; that doesn’t appear to have changed.

Additional news from Rasmussen Reports shows that Biden’s attempt to defend his management of the situation in Kabul hasn’t gone over well either. Many people ultimately view this as Biden not taking responsibility.

With less than eight months into Biden’s presidency, none of this is a good look at all. The backlash over the 46th president’s handling of Afghanistan isn’t going away anytime soon, either.

An Unfit Commander in Chief

At this point, it’s very much apparent that most Americans cannot credibly say that Biden is fit to be the United States president. Biden’s pullout was bad enough; however, the reality that there are still Americans left behind in Kabul right now makes this situation 100x worse.

The president should have evacuated all of our allies and citizens ahead of withdrawing military troops. Although, even after failing to do this, the backlash against Biden might be a tad lighter, had he not simply left our own citizens behind in Kabul.

Describing this entire situation as a success hasn’t helped Biden either; neither has claiming that nothing about this could have been handled any better. If this is what Biden considers to be successful, it’s horrifying to ponder what he’d view as failure.

Do you agree with the 52% of Americans who want this president to resign from the White House? What do you think will happen to the Americans who Biden left behind in Kabul, Afghanistan? Sound off below in the section for all comments.