Most Americans Oppose Vaccine Passport Programs

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Vaccine passports are rapidly gaining traction on the left.

Democrats are coming all out in favor of a vaccine passport program that would require Americans to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test as a prerequisite for basic engagement in society. Leftists don’t see any issues with this and are implementing vaccine passports in Democrat-run states like Hawaii and New York. 

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Republicans and conservatives, on the other hand, are largely opposed to vaccine passports. Folks on the right are able to see the slippery slope here; it is also quite apparent the extent to which vaccine passports can infringe on personal freedoms, HIPPA rights, privacy, etc. 

According to a new Rassmussen Reports poll, the majority of Americans are not supportive of vaccine passports, confirms Breitbart News

Where Likely U.S. Voters Stand on Vaccine Passports

Rassmussen Reports confirms that only 44% of likely American voters believe that requiring proof of coronavirus vaccination for societal participation is a good idea. 41% outrightly condemned vaccine passports as a bad idea, while 15% of likely voters in the country described themselves as uncertain. 

Politically, the numbers get even more telling. 57% of Democrats are supportive of vaccine passport programs, while only 33% of Republicans share this viewpoint. 45% of voters who are not aligned with either Republicans or Democrats categorized vaccine passport programs as a bad idea, however. 

The survey reviewing the U.S. public’s outlook on vaccine passports comes as the Biden White House works with businesses to implement these programs. Meanwhile, Hawaii is strongly considering vaccine passports, while New York’s vaccine passport program started yesterday. 

On Good Friday, Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order that bans vaccine passports statewide. 

Blue States vs. Red States

In regards to vaccine passports, the decision to embrace or reject these programs will clearly align with partisanship. 

More and more Democrat leaders will likely mirror New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and implement statewide vaccine passport programs. Meanwhile, GOP governors are most likely to either steer clear of vaccine passports or ban them altogether as Ron DeSantis did.

The implementation of vaccine passports will also have a significant impact on businesses and decisions that individuals make regarding travel. 

What is your outlook on vaccine passports in the United States? Do you believe these tools are in keeping with American freedoms and liberties? Let us know down below in the comments section.