Most Americans Now Want Republicans to Control Congress

At this time, the United States is seeing what the impact of one-party, leftist rule looks like. With Democrats controlling the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House, multiple crises are unfolding.

This winter, Americans are having to shell out more money in order to keep their homes warm. Likewise, Americans are paying extra money for rent, groceries, gas, transportation, and more.

On top of that, there are individuals on America’s terrorist watch list coming across the U.S. border that Biden opened up after slashing effective immigration policies earlier this year.

To add insult to injury, the supply chain is causing issues with Americans getting critical goods and supplies that are necessary to engage in society.

In light of all these horrible realities, a fresh Quinnipiac University poll currently shows most Americans want Republicans to win the midterm elections next year, per Fox News.

Good News for the GOP Ahead of 2022 Midterms

Quinnipiac University reveals if the 2022 midterms were to occur this very day, 46% of Americans would want Republicans to control Congress. By contrast, only 38% of Americans said this about the Democrat Party. Just 16% of folks polled didn’t cite favor of Republicans or Democrats.

Tim Malloy, a polling analyst for Quinnipiac University, had some thoughts about the details of this new data. Malloy explained this isn’t a good look for Democrats 12 months before these elections take place.

This new poll also provides some insight into Biden’s approval rating, which dropped even lower on Thursday. Only 36% of the country approves of the president; meanwhile, a vast 53% do not approve of the job Biden’s doing.

Surveys taken throughout 2021 have shown a direct correlation between Biden’s decreasing approval ratings and diminishing support for Democrats. In Virginia, the president’s low ratings played a role in Terry McAuliffe losing the election to Republican Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin.

Additional Problems for Democrats

36% is a new low for the approval rating of Joe Biden; a previous poll taken earlier this month showed the president pulling in 38%.

Democrats, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, have real problems in this country. Within less than a year of one-party rule, left-wing policies have caused one disaster after the other.

It is for this reason Democrats should prepare to keep losing elections to come. Even after the outcome in Virginia, the political left is still digging its heels in. Even as Biden’s approval ratings keep getting lower and lower, he continues to proceed with failed policies.

Democrats appear determined to persist in going on this course. It is for this reason they will be their own undoing.

What do you think about this poll showing the country largely favors Republicans, rather than Democrats, winning the 2022 midterm races? We’re looking forward to reading your take on all this in the comments section below.