Most Americans Now Want a Third Party in Politics

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The division between Republicans and Democrats is at an all-time high at this point. The most recent elections, along with the insurrection on January 6, worsened tensions and pitted both sides against the other. Democrats working to do away with all immigration laws, killing thousands of jobs with poor energy policies, etc., also aren’t doing any favors.

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As the bitterness maintains between the left and the right, many Americans are sick of it. Democrats, last week, focused their energies on an impeachment trial that they knew would result in acquittal just to put their loathing of the former president on display; they chose this over working on policies to help out-of-work Americans and rebuild the economy.

According to Breitbart News, the country is so fed up with the feuding between Republicans and Democrats that support for a third party is shockingly high.

Support for a Third Political Party in America

According to new Gallup findings, more than six out of ten U.S. voters believe the present two-party system does an inadequate job of representing the nation’s people. 50% of surveyed individuals in this study also classified themselves as Independent voters, rather than as Republicans or Democrats.

Additional findings show that only 33% of the nation believes U.S. Republican and Democrat leaders are doing an “adequate” job of representing the American people. Moreover, the Republican Party is viewed positively by 37% of the U.S. population while 48% view the Democrat Party in a positive manner.

Republicans’ support for a third political party has moderately grown, while Democrats’ support for a third party dropped as of late. Independent voters, on the other hand, have remained regularly in support of a third party as an alternative to Republicans and Democrats.

The Likelihood of a Third Political Party

At this time, the likelihood of a third political party in the near future appears slim. The two-party system is deeply ingrained in American politics; furthermore, Republicans and Democrats alike are gearing up for high-stakes elections happening next year.

The massive support for a third party, however, is something for both Republicans and Democrats to keep in mind. 62% backing for an alternative to the GOP and Democrat Party speaks to the current outlook that many Americans have on politics.

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