More Teenagers Are Carrying Firearms

There’s been a lot of dissension about guns in America as of late.

Supporters of gun control are very eager to put in place more gun control restrictions as a crime-fighting tactic. However, many of the firearms used by criminals were not obtained through legal means.

Numerous supporters of gun rights also point out the holes in arguments for gun control. One of the biggest holes of all involves supporters of gun control rallying to defund law enforcement and also go easy on criminals.

These policies aren’t conducive to public safety in the slightest. With public safety on a decline, more Americans are turning to firearms to protect themselves and their families.

As it turns out, there’s also been an uptick in teenagers who are carrying firearms, according to Newsmax.

The Data on Teenagers Carrying Firearms

According to Boston College, the teenagers who are carrying firearms at higher rates are generally from rural communities, white, and from higher socioeconomic families.

However, teens of all backgrounds and communities carrying firearms have surged by 41% between the years 2002 and 2019.

Researchers are now calling for more reforms to be put in place to reduce the number of teens having firearms being carried around with them.

Massachusetts Juvenile Justice and Policy Board members, for instance, say that various policies need to be centered around the current behavior patterns of teens, not the previous behavior patterns of these young people.

Researchers are likewise hoping that Boston College’s study will help officials discover the “root cause” of harm and acts of violence within various communities.

The Problem With Calls For More Gun Control

In light of news about more teenagers carrying firearms, Democrats are already sounding the alarm for more gun control and claiming the GOP doesn’t care about people’s lives.

However, teenagers aren’t just walking into gun shops and buying weapons with ammunition. The problem lies with not guns themselves, but with the various factors that are motivating teenagers to feel as though they need to carry guns.

These factors can differ across various communities; although, some common causes involve gangs and other forms of criminal activity.

Calling for more gun control to solve crime is only treating the symptom, not the cause, of an underlying issue.

Between background checks, waiting periods for firearm purchases, etc., there are already many gun control laws on the books today. Pushing for more measures of this nature will only impact people who are legally obtaining their firearms.

Understanding why teenagers are carrying guns involves digging a little deeper than just more gun control reforms.

What do you think about the rise in teenagers who are carrying guns across the United States? We’re interested in learning about your thoughts in the comments area.