More First Responders Say NO to COVID-19 Vaccine

"Firefighters" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Steve M. Walker

Across America, coronavirus vaccines are being widely distributed and made available. Some people are more than eager to be vaccinated against the infamous virus; the COVID-19 vaccine requires two injections that are three weeks apart from one another. Already, many Americans are fully vaccinated.

“Firefighters” (CC BY 2.0) by starmanseries

However, controversy over this vaccine remains very much alive. Not everyone wants it and some people, including first responders, are outrightly refusing to receive the coronavirus vaccine. Some people don’t trust the injection or the rapid timeline of its production and distribution.
Weeks ago, healthcare workers in California made headlines for saying NO to the coronavirus vaccine; now, four out of ten firefighters in the Los Angeles area are also taking a hard pass on vaccination against COVID-19, confirms Breitbart News.

More Resistance Against the COVID-19 Vaccine

40% of Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) members are simply not too keen on this injection. Towards the end of 2020, firefighters in this community were given access to COVID-19 vaccination; however, 1,944 of 3,400 received the shot.

Healthcare workers who made headlines weeks ago for their refusal of the vaccine cited a series of reasons. Some professed that by wearing face masks and engaging in other safety precautions, they didn’t need the vaccine; others questioned the injuries and allergic reactions that past recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine suffered, hence not wanting to place themselves at risk.
Many Los Angeles firefighters are believed to be in the same boat as healthcare workers who refused the COVID-19 vaccine in December. Even before this vaccine hit the market, there were polls indicating that sizable parts of the population would refuse to be vaccinated.

Response from Los Angeles

Eric Garcetti, the Democrat mayor of Los Angeles, is warning that COVID-19 vaccination may become mandatory if first responders continue refusing this injection.
Nonetheless, multiple workplace studies have shown that mandatory vaccination rarely has the desired impacts. Some people believe that rather than mandating the COVID-19 shot, a deeper look at why so many folks are refusing this vaccine is more appropriate.

The issue of mandatory vaccination is a touchy one; it’s a conversation that also goes into questions of ethics, legality, and more. Many Americans also viewed forced vaccinations as government overreach and the ultimate manifestation of tyranny.
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