More Details Revealed in Newly Discovered Biden Documents

Earlier this week, the American people learned about a series of documents found stashed in an old, Washington DC-located office that Joe Biden used for work, ahead of his presidency.

The White House isn’t too eager to draw attention to these documents for very obvious reasons. However, the administration did claim to be working with both the National Archives and the Justice Department, following the discovery of these records.

However, despite the classified nature of the documents Biden kept in an office, more information is coming out about them as days pass. According to KOAM, at least some of the records pertained to Iran, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

What Every American Deserves to Know

An unnamed source recently informed CNN that intelligence data, along with briefing records, are within the documents located in Biden’s old office.

The information found within them is not just limited to foreign affairs regarding Iran, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom, however. Additional discovered information is alleged to cover the president’s family, including the passing of his late son, Beau Biden.

Because vice presidents cannot declassify documents, Biden is taking some serious heat for this. Some Republicans, such as Rep. Marjorie Greene, believe the discovery of these records is enough to warrant Biden’s impeachment.

Thus far, it’s been revealed that the US attorney general already assigned a Chicago attorney to investigate these newfound documents. Though there are more questions about what will ultimately come of this investigation.

Many Americans have their doubts that Biden will be truly held accountable, even if a probe does implicate him in serious wrongdoings.

A Troubling Pattern

Unfortunately, news of these documents found in an office Biden used only marks the continuation of a troubling pattern from this president.

When Biden got into office, he made a commitment to transparency. However, his administration has been one of the least transparent in history.

Whether it’s Biden choice to avoid direct interviews (during the beginning of his term) or a lack of honesty about how his policies are impacting the country, this isn’t an administration that’s been forthcoming.

All things considered, Americans can count on those within the Biden administration to provide cover for the president, rather than share the truth with the country.

No matter what happens, the country can be sure more information about Biden, these documents, and their contents will be revealed in the weeks and months ahead.

What do you think about reports alleging that information regarding foreign affairs and Biden’s family were found within the documents in his old office? What other details do you believe will be revealed?

You can let us know what you think will come from all of this in the comments area.