More Attacks on Power Grid Have Officials Concerned

America’s electrical grid keeps the country running and keeps people with the power they need to live their lives. Though it’s also vulnerable to attacks and sabotage, as we’ve seen in the past several months with various attacks.

Now, new attacks on the power grid in North Carolina have officials concerned and investigating who is behind this.

What Happened?

A power substation near Charlotte, North Carolina was riddled with bullets and gunfire on Tuesday by unknown attackers.

Fortunately, the damage did not cause a power blackout, but it did leave officials highly concerned as they try to find who is behind the spate of attacks.

These attacks occurred in a rural area of Randolph County near Charlotte, but they have officials especially worried, due to what happened last month.

Around the start of December, a number of gun attacks on substations in Moore County took out the electricity for 45,000 people in North Carolina, leaving officials stumped.

This latest attack took place in the early hours of Tuesday and the FBI is also investigating.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said these attacks raise the “threat” level and people need to take them seriously. He’s right.

Part of a Pattern

There’s no doubt the electrical grid is too vulnerable to attacks and these issues in North Carolina are part of a pattern.

We’ve seen the power grid be sabotaged in the past few months in Washington, Nevada, as well as Oregon, where people have tried to trash substations and cut out the power. Who’s behind it?

That’s still under investigation and it could be various people, as well as groups. It is hard to protect substations, partly because there are just so many of them.

It’s not clear how much of this could be ideological, random, political, or a mixture of various motivations. What is clear is if more serious attacks occurred, it could lead to much bigger outages and security threats than what is currently happening.

People like far-left commentator Rachel Maddow of MSNBC warned in past years of what could happen if a foreign state like Russia were to sabotage the power grid during the cold months of winter, for example.

Whereas these threats appear to be coming from domestic forces; the final word on what is going on and why will have to come from law enforcement and their conclusions.

The Bottom Line

The power grid is not nearly as secure as it should be and these attacks expose that vulnerability fully. More needs to be done to harden up the power grid and protect it from attacks.

Banning gas stoves is only going to make the nation more reliant on electricity and more vulnerable to exactly these kinds of actions.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.