Monkeypox Alarmism Falls Short Following COVID

For years, Americans were bombarded with alarmism over COVID. People were told to stay in their homes, cancel their travel plans, wear masks, take vaccines, and do whatever “the experts” demanded of them.

Today, most people are tired of this and have checked out. However, a new sense of alarmism is being pushed on the public in the form of warnings about monkeypox.

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At this point in time, most Americans have reached a point of exasperation with the government telling them to be fearful and afraid.

This is a huge reason why Biden’s faced a lot of criticism after saying that monkeypox is a matter that everyone should be alarmed about, as The Hill documents.

Biden on Monkeypox in America

Before a trip to South Korea, the president took a few questions from the media. He warned that monkeypox spread would be “consequential” before claiming he doesn’t yet know what its exposure looks like.

Of course, Biden mentioned that health officials are currently looking into the matter and whether or not monkeypox vaccines are a possibility.

Generally, monkeypox is only found in Africa. However, cases of the virus have been found in America, Canada, and Europe.

People who have been infected with monkeypox generally have fevers, rashes, and lymph nodes that are swollen.

Pushback Against Biden’s Monkeypox Comments

Biden’s warning on monkeypox is turning out to have the opposite impact than he intended. Americans have pointed out that the approach to monkeypox largely mirrors how COVID was handled.

Americans aren’t especially eager for the government to try bringing back restrictions and mandates under the guise of wanting to protect everyone from monkeypox.

The president has been slammed as intentionally trying to create enough fear that Americans end up accepting a repeat of COVID measures that were witnessed in 2020 and 2021.

Time will ultimately determine the direction America’s government embraces when it comes to monkeypox in the country. Some reports have already speculated that the shutdown of international flights and other COVID-era restrictions may be attempted.

As Biden claims “everyone” ought to harbor concerns about monkeypox, Americans are concerned about other more pressing matters.

These pressing matters include the current baby formula shortage, ongoing inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, and the futures of their children.

To this day, these are issues that the Biden administration has not fixed. For many people, these need to be resolved before monkeypox becomes an issue that engenders widespread worry.

What do you think about the president calling for everyone across America to be concerned about COVID? Do you think this is just a repeat of what the nation saw with COVID? Please be sure to leave your thoughts about this situation down below in the comments section.