MI's Gov. Whitmer at Odds with State Sheriffs on Mask Mandate

The state of Michigan has implemented one of the strictest mask mandates in the nation.
Under Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s orders, businesses are ordered to refuse service to individuals without masks. Whitmer’s mandate also claims that business owners should not assume that persons without face coverings fall under the category for an exemption.

The Michigan governor’s order for businesses to enforce masking orders has prompted concerns about the safety of employees amid rising confrontations between “masked up” individuals and people without masks.
At this time, new reports from Breitbart News confirm that Whitmer’s increasingly strict orders on face coverings are placing her at odds with Michigan police sheriffs.

Michigan Sheriffs vs. the Michigan Governor

Sheriffs across different Michigan counties are questioning the legal legitimacy of Whitmer’s order. These sheriffs also maintain that they are not the “mask police.” Charlie Noll, sheriff of Ionia County, has stated his belief that grown adults have the ability to make their own choices.
Like other sheriffs throughout the state of Michigan, Noll has also expressed additional concerns about the governor’s order. The Ionia County sheriff affirms that Whitmer’s order poses a danger of infringing on people’s rights.

Other sheriffs are urging Michiganders not to complain to them about sightings of maskless persons. Instead, Michigan residents should direct their grievances to the office of the governor herself. Likewise, law enforcement leaders in Michigan stated that they have better things to do than enforce mask decrees.
Finally, the office of the Saginaw County sheriff stated that Whitmer’s mandatory mask executive order is “not a law.” Hence, residents of Saginaw County should not expect sanctions if they choose not to don a face covering.

Pushback from Law Enforcement Against Mask Orders

As time passes, a growing number of sheriffs and law enforcement officers are expressing contentions with upholding mask mandates. Other people outside of the law enforcement community have suggested that ordering police to enforce mandatory masking is a waste of their resources.

Michigan is far from the only state where sheriffs have outrightly refused to uphold mask ordinances. Similar situations are also present in Texas and Ohio.
Meanwhile, social uprisings and protests against mandatory face coverings are surging. Just this past weekend, hundreds of protesters gathered at the Ohio Statehouse to demonstrate against mask mandates in different state counties.
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