Miracle: Jayme Closs Escapes Kidnapper, Police Rejoice at Presser

In the unpredictable and ever-changing world we all live in, miracles can sometimes appear to be a rarity. However, there is a new miracle which is currently garnering considerable media coverage; as of today, 13-year-old Jayme Closs is no longer missing and has been found to be alive and well, according to Townhall.

An Overview of the Jayme Closs Story

Jayme was abducted by Jake Thomas Patterson on October 15, 2018 in Barron, Wisconsin, following the murder of her parents. Patterson, who is currently in police custody purposefully targeted Jayme, planning her kidnapping and the killing of her mother and father. Thankfully, the young girl managed to get help after making contact with Jeanne Nutter, a woman who just so happened to be out walking her dog in an area near Gordon; Gordon is roughly 60 miles away from Barron.
Of course, law enforcement officials were more than overjoyed that Jayme is still alive and has been found. During a press conference, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald provided additional details about the kidnapping of 13-year-old Jayme. Fitzgerald affirmed that Patterson willfully concealed his identity to avoid capture and that Jayme was his only target. The murder of her parents occurred in order for Patterson to abduct her. His reasons and motives still remain a mystery at this time.
Nutter, the woman who Jayme made contact with following her escape from Patterson, also provided an account of the experience to news outlets:

“She just yelled, ‘Please help me. I don’t know where I am. I’m lost.’¬†My only thought was to get her to a safe place.”

New updates about Jayme Closs are likely to follow as investigations and legal proceedings carry out.
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