Minnesota Forced to Walk Back Horrific Piece of Legislation

This country has seen growing concerns about children, the material children are exposed to, and the quality of adults being allowed to teach or influence young minds.

Between drag queen story time hours, critical race theory, and sexually explicit literature popping up in schools, there is plenty of concern to go around. Unfortunately, despite protests from parents and other worried Americans, we have a long way to go before this problem is resolved.

For instance, the Minnesota state legislature’s decision to put together a measure redefining “sexual orientation” to be more inclusive to pedophiles is a prime example of the very real issues at hand.

Though breaking news from Hot Air reveals that Minnesota lawmakers now appear to be walking back this measure.

What’s Going on Here?

For reasons that should be obviously, nationwide backlash emerged upon the news that a Minnesota bill would expand the defintion of sexual orientation to include “minor attracted persons” (aka pedophiles) as a protected class.

Though amid the backlash, Republicans in the Minnesota state legislature did manage to get this part of the measure removed. Hence, it appears as though the state will not be making any changes to the Human Rights legislation that would grant pedophiles status as a protected class.

Don’t Celebrate Too Soon

Getting this abomination removed from any legislation is a clear victory. However, the fact that it was even being considered in the first place remains deeply problematic.

At this rate, it remains to be seen whether or not additional bills appear in other state legislatures to protect pedophilia.

Amid the rampant nature of crimes like human trafficking, this latest fiasco in the Minnesota state legislature is disturbing to say the least.

Children are the most vulnerable among us and deserve to be protected. At no level of government should pedophiles ever be coddled to or granted protected status.